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    The seat and back of the chair are pressed by high-strength aluminum plates and can be sprayed with various cool colors. The scope of customization has been expanded, making the dining chair more personalized and the chair back flexible. The lower bracket of the chair seat is made of aluminum alloy, light in weight and durable. The back of the chair can be laser hollowed out to carve family, company LOGO and logo colors. The back of the chair back can be hollowed out by laser. The modern spider's cross chair leg.

Product parameters

Design elements: hollow-out and spider leg. Splendid color.

Color classification: seatback. Black mesh fabric, green mesh fabric, orange mesh fabric and green pattern fabric.

Chair seat: black mesh fabric, green mesh fabric, green fabric sponge and black fabric sponge.

Armrest classification: no armrest.

Package volume: 540x510X400MM

Installation: installation drawing

Seatback height: 390MM (without headrest)

Does the chair feature lifting function: no (optional)

Is customization possible: yes.

Brand: happy spider chair

Product parameters

Seatback tilting: no

Gross weight: approximately 9KG.

Material of chair foot: cross-shape chair foot is made of extruded aluminum alloy

Style and positioning: luxurious happy spider chair

Is it possible to transport the chair by taxi: yes.

Chair depth adjustment: not available.

Waist support: not available.

Chair foot polishing: upper surface polishing

Quality warranty: 5 years

Scope of customization

1、Seatback aluminum sheet can be painted as per the required color, and family and company logo can be carved out on seatback aluminum sheet during laser cutting of aluminum sheet.

2、Mesh fabric quality and color are optional.

3、Chair lifting function is optional. It is possible to choose no polishing of curve surface at the rear side of seatback and polishing for the two sides, please inform us about your choice.

4、It is possible to choose no polishing of chair foot, upper surface polishing only as well as upper surface polishing and 2-side polishing.

5、The minimum ordering quantity for customization is 50 chairs, and price will be higher.

6、Please inform customer service if you choose 100% mesh-fabric chair for indoor and outdoor use. 

Items to be noticed by customer

1、Please contact customer service in case of any problems found after receiving product.

2、The product features numerous functions and emits slight noise during operation, but the noise cannot be completely eliminated.

3、The product does not belong to precise mechanical product, there are clearances at positions such as chair seat and armrest, which belong to normal phenomenon.

4、All products are photographed physically, and color difference may exist due to reasons such as light ray, fabrics and spray, we beg for your understanding.

Service guarantee

1、Guarantee of certified products

2、Free-of-charge express delivery 

3、5-year quality warranty 

4、Lifelong maintenance

5、End-of-life reclaiming (the company will pay freight and pay 150 Yuan to reclaim the end-of-life chair)

Chair seat and seatback

The chair is made of high strength aluminum sheet and can be printed with various splendid colors.

Scope of customization has been expanded

So that the dining chair features higher individuation and seatback features good elasticity

Mesh fabric

Mesh fabric and color are optional

Black mesh fabric, green mesh fabric, orange mesh fabric and green pattern fabric.


Chair seat and seatback feature high elasticity sponge, airflow design, long time fatigue-free sitting and breathable sponge/fabric.

Bracket under chair seat

Adopts aluminum alloy featuring lightweight and durability.

Rear side of seatback

Family/company logo can be carved out by laser and marking color is available.

It is possible to carve out logo on the rear side of seatback by laser.

Chair leg

Spider chair foot featuring sense of modern art